A Generation of Young People Equipped & Empowered To transform Africa Through Training And Inspiration

Our aim is to spark off an economic change in Africa by mobilising, training and positioning young people to excel in their communities.

The Young and Flourishing Foundation shall harness the power of networking to create an enabling environment for leaders to emerge, who will in turn nurture and mentor other leaders. This ripple effect will have a tremendous impact in ensuring proper values and ethics, starting at family level, to the corporations of the day, up to the nation and the world.

We are confident that the young people who will be transformed through our programs will go on to start business corporations that will be the catalysts for economic progress in Africa and beyond.

Our leadership programs shall put great emphasis on the need for African youths to start to devise home-grown solutions for their own challenges. In partnership with Governments and other like-minded organizations, the Foundation shall champion the creation of innovation hubs in cities across Africa where ideas will be harnessed, incubated and given a chance to flourish

Our Core Values (PEG)


Our members have undying love and passion for Africa and there countries.


Our members do live and do everything with attitude of excellence


Our members Value continuous learning , Growth and development at all levels.

The Young and Flourishing foundation mentorship Program, coordinated by the Advisory Board, gives youth both in school and out of formal schooling a unique opportunity to learn directly from business professionals in both master mind groups and from a one-on-one relationship. The foundation supports this program through mentorship, character development and capacity development.
We raise young men and women to be intentional, deliberate and strategic about creating a successful future for themselves. Because of the key role that financial education can play in people’s lives, the Young and Flourishing Foundation continues testing of strategies for putting these principles into practice continued testing of strategies for putting these principles into practice


Fresh graduates

Focused on soft skills training, entrepreneurship & career training. (Business incubation centers, ...
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Village Y&F Model

Formation of Y&F village income generating projects like agribusiness, talents developments like ...
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Secondary School

Formation of Y&F Mastermind groups in partnership with other already established groups ...
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Tertiary institution students

Formation of Y&F mastermind groups in different areas of institutions. Each member ...
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Please use this link to register your membership with the foundation

Every member who registers shall be added to a MasterMind group in his/her locality. This is to help us manage the activities and program of Young And Flourishing Network effectively and efficiently. We look forward to a flourishing journey with you.